Three lingerie combos to avoid.

I always say that the coolest thing about lingerie is that it can be worn in so many ways and serve a duality of purpose. Truth is, if your lingerie serves only as undergarments it underperforming. From bralettes to stockings, to chemises and bodysuit, lingerie serves an array of needs that cannot be underplayed.

Nevertheless, like all looks and combinations, it can be very easy to make bad pairings that either make us look frumpy at best and an eyesore at worst. Here are a few lingerie combos to avoid in the future.

Lace bras beneath tight fitted clothes. Lace bras are beautiful and very common lingerie items in most of our closets. That, however, does not always play out very well when styled. A common mistake made is wearing them beneath tight-fitting close with soft material. The issue with this is that due to the material of lace it tends to show through, and while a little lingerie display can add to the appeal of an outfit the unintentional imprint of a lace bra is never a good look.

Fatal Color combinations. While it is common knowledge not to wear bold colored lingerie beneath light-colored clothes an unknown rule is not to do so vice Versa, this means not wearing light-colored underwear beneath darker colored clothes. It is always safer to color match, but a popular exception is white. White on white makes your underwear visible.

Form/shape fitters in the wrong size. While not a conventional combination. Form fitters should be bought in the accurate size, a size too small will lead to unhealthy side effects and or not work, leaving a very unflattering look.

An honorary mention is supplementing a sports bra with a regular bra. This also leads to embarrassing, and or dangerous effects.

What other less than appealing combos can you think of?

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