Age Play Role Play Fantasy

Most couples consist of two partners that are around the same age but some have significant age differences. In some cases, age differences may be coincidental. In other situations, one partner may be attracted to people that are a lot older or younger than them.

If you have settled down with someone that is near to your age but find the idea of being with someone a lot older or younger than you sexy, these role play ideas can be used to help you live out your fantasy.

Dad or Mom’s Best Friend: In this scenario, you can pretend that you are in the house alone when one of your parent’s best friends comes in. They remark on how much you’ve grown. The conversation can take a turn where you admit to how attracted you are to one another leading to some unexpected afternoon delight.

Baby and Babysitter: Some people have a baby fetish. They love to dress up in diapers and little girl or boy clothing and pretend they are a baby while the other partner pretends they are a babysitter or some other type of caregiver. Scenarios such as this can lead to sex and several other kinky types of sex role play ideas.

Other Scenarios: Age play can be carried out in a number of other scenarios such as professor and student, housewife and pizza guy… and the list goes on. In situations like these, the partner who is playing the role of the older person can pretend the ‘younger’ partner is inexperienced and needs to be shown what to do.

There is so much you can do with age play! How will be using it to make your time in the bedroom more exciting?

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